Football Competition with Streetwise Soccer

Football Competition

SAYC are hosting a Football Competition with Streetwise Soccer on Thursday 18th February. With teams of 3 for fast paced 3 minutes games. Entry is FREE, and the competition will be held at St Albans Girls School. For more information and to register please contact

There will be food and music as well!

We are holding this event as a part of Feeling Good Week, a week in February (8th-14th February this year) which aims to improve the health and mental health of young people. Feeling Good Week gives young people the opportunity to a portion of £10,000 put aside by CAHMS, to put on events for other young people in Hertfordshire. Towards the end of last year, the Youth Council worked with Healthwatch Hertfordshire to redesign Feeling Good Week and the application process, and we are very excited to be putting on our own event.

Minutes 07/10/2015

Guest- Jenny Coles, the Director of Children’s Services

Members present – Tom, Emmi, Louise, Stevie, Ellie A, Emma, Maddy, Charlotte, Laura, Eliza, Katie, Julia, Eleanor, Julia, Jess, Mairead, Rachel, Jamie

New Members – Selena, Erin

Conflict minerals
Workshop coming up in November
Subgroup meeting on 12th 5-7 (and then 4th-6th)
New members of subgroup wanted
Bruno Zago from HP coming on 19th October

Subgroups to detail what they’ve done and how they’d benefit from funding from the council
Surrounding mainly how they’d improve their project from funding
How could subgroups raise money?

Mental Health Subgroup
Letters for schools and GPs written
Press release written
Currently 6 replies from teachers and over 100 from students (at one school)
All but one school in the local area has been covered by somebody to take in the questionnaires

Careers Fair
To have cake, tea/coffee
Three prizes secured and still to hear back from some people for stalls
Have support of st. albans fashion week and next generation project
Postcard to paris – to be taken into schools

Mental health policy in schools
Speakers for a conference in London 11th November
Youth commissioning group (membership of RSPH group not required)

Sub Groups
Timetable for when MH subgroups meet
Place subgroups meeting times on website
Membership to be thought about – make sure you aren’t doing too much

Charlotte to do twitter
Ellie and Katie to run website together

Other Projects
Hats and scarves to be collected and then handed out to those in need
Sleep out for HYH – contact Maddy for more details

Scrutiny Committee
Maddy and Ellie to discuss/present
Presentation by 10th Dec

Film Night
Itinerary confirmed

Message in a Bottle
Possibility of Snapchat suggested by Erin
Need to take photos, edit, post on all websites.
Props/themes to be emailed.
Also the complete list of messages.
Meeting in Hertswood to take pictures on 18th October. More details to be emailed.

17th October – People to come if they email
Those who may want to apply for UKYP next year to email Debi

Ellie – St Albans Fashion Week – Volunteers drop Ellie an email

Next Meeting: 19th October

Ethical Fashion and Accessory Competition

The fashion and accessory competition gives you a chance to showcase your skills and gain exposure locally!

There are three categories within the competition:

  • Footwear
  • Clothing
  • Accessories and jewellery

There are four age ranges within each category:

  • Year groups 7-9,
  • Year groups 10 and 11,
  • Sixth form/college,
  • Under 25.

All entries will be displayed at the ‘Green Careers’ Fair, on November 25th at the Civic Centre in St Albans.

The entry form can be found here: Sustainability Fashion Competition Entry From

Winners will be announced at 8pm after a peoples vote.

Sustainable Careers Fair

6 – 8:15pm Civic Centre, St Albans

Come to this free event and hear from hear from dynamic young adults making careers in sustainable roles, from university lectures to house designers. Hear how they reached their goals, what they do and what advice they can offer for following in their footsteps.

In addition to a great line up of speakers there will be a number of product, information and education stalls, including Youth Connexions, Hertfordshire University and Oaklands College.

Entries to the Ethical Fashion Competition will be displayed on the night and everyone attending will be able to cast a vote for People Choice Category. Winners for the competition will be announced at the end of the evening.

If you have any other questions please do get in touch with our Support Worker, Debi Roberts at

Minutes 21/09/2015

Apologies – Jamie, Tom, Harry, Julia, Julia, Izzy, Laura, Jessica, Rachel


Upcoming Dates

  • Time for meetings changed to 6-8pm
  • 30 SEP – Message in a Bottle at Catherine St 5pm
  • 7 OCT – Meeting (Sustainability Sub-Group to meet early)
  • 4 NOV – Meeting (Conflict Minerals Sub-Group to meet early)
  • 26 NOV – Conflict Mineral Workshop



Needed to be sure that we still remain one council, that we focus on what is more immediate. Suggested that meeting up earlier before meetings for specific sub-groups would be better. When extra meetings are scheduled will be on a case by case basis. The next couple of meetings decided upon.


Training Dates for New Committee

Dates to be decided via email


Presentation to Scrutiny Committee

Preferably two people to give presentation to the scrutiny committee. Everyone encouraged to come along to the presentation. Must be done by 13 NOV

Maddy, Charlotte, and Emma have said they are happy to do it.


Jenny Coles (Director of Children’s Services) At Next Meeting

As many people to be there are possible


The Film Club

22 DEC – Film to be decided, some ideas gathered. Time to be 4:30 so finished by 7pm.



The majority of people have now submitted bios for the website.


Message in a Bottle

30 SEP from 5pm in Catherine St meeting to begin assembling more messages. Katie, Charlotte, Emma, Emi, Louise, Mariéad, Maddy, Eleanor have said they can attend. To bring – Glue sticks, scrapbooking paper, scissors


Green Careers Fair/Art Competition

Poster made by Kitty to be scanned and have a couple of things added to it. Competition form/letter to be sent out to schools by SAYC members. Judges and prizes to be worked upon.  Debi to contact H&M.


Conflict Minerals Workshop

Workshops to be created by Maddy and Tom via email.


Mental Health Surveys

Surveys proof read final time by group. Support getting them into school.


Christmas Fairs

Group thought it was a good idea to sell Message in a Bottle. Katie to look into possibilities on what items to sell the messages on. Could get them professionally printed or make them ourselves.


World Peace Day

A group to possibly be set up to discuss interesting, important ideas. A Peace Group. A way to discuss important issues with a diverse group of people. The marketing would be crucial.



  • RSPH – Could set up a blog where different RSPH groups could post about what they’re doing. To be discussed in more detail in the future.
  • Christmas Night Out – Possibly to the theatre
  • Charlotte set as Social Secretary
  • Those wanting to complete DofE can do that with Youth Connexions and should contact Debi for further information
  • Those interested in being part of the BBC filming need to let Debi know by the morning 23rd – it’s not a commitment just an indication of who would like to be considered.


Next Meeting: 7th October


Your New SAYC Committee

A new academic year, means new committee elections. So a here is the new SAYC committee.

Chair – Maddy Hames

Vice Chair – Jamie Booth

Secretary – Katie Jones

Treasurer – Tom Wernham

Media Officer – Harry Derbyshire


Over the past year SAYC has grown, and so as to provide members with the opportunity to focus on the projects that matter most to them, we’ve increased the number of Sub-Committees. Here is a list of the new Sub-Committees as well as their Chairs.

Mental Health – Izzy

RSPH – Eliza

Sustainability – Harry and Emma

Conflict Minerals – Tom

Message in a Bottle – Katie

Film Club – Julia

Christmas Tea – Stevie


Each new committee brings a new side to the council, whilst building upon those that have gone before. We look forward to the year ahead.